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Web design/development Interchim
Interchim is a company operating in the field of green chemistry, and its goal is to implement a wide range of environmentally friendly projects and ideas in the field of chemistry.
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Website for a web agency company. A unique design to attract the user's attention, blogs, convenient descriptions of services, and a description of the service process
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Dafarko is an online store with over 70 000 items in store. The project was made for Russian market. It is a price aggregator from various online stores. Focused on high load.
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The project was made for a company that specializes in dry cleaning clothes
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Genius Food
Genius Food- Get fresh, healthy, nutritionally balanced, gourmet meals
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Developing a website is a collaborative endeavor and collaboration requires good communication. At a busy agency with tens of people working on your website, important information can get lost which leads to a disappointing final product. We have a diverse tight-knit team of 7 here at Romark Code. Each with a different area of expertise in web development. When we take on a project, our entire team focuses on that project. We don’t take on more than we can handle because we believe in giving each of our clients 100% of our attention. Our intimate synergy guarantees that there is full transparency every step of the way and that no information is lost.

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