You Don’t Want A Website. You Want An Immersive Online Experience

We’ve all been there before. You’re scrolling and scrolling through search results for that product you want until … a search result catches your attention. You click on it. The Homepage speaks to you. You scour the website to learn more about the product. It looks like you’re under a spell. You’ve committed. You decide you're going to buy this product. You click order now and you’re taken to a registration form. Except, this registration form looks complicated. They want a lot of information and you don’t even know where to start. The spell is broken and honestly, you didn’t need that product anyway. You abandon the cart and leave the website.

So, what happened?

To put it simply, your immersion was disrupted by a drawn-out checkout process. This is one of the many details that would’ve been caught in our UI/UX process.

When a visitor lands on your homepage, they are entering an experience. This experience should be streamlined, engaging, and most importantly, immersive. Any minor or major inconvenience will send customers packing to your competitors. In fact, 70% of customers abandon purchases because of a bad user experience.

User Experience

Collaboration between the developers and designers is essential for a good user experience. Our developers and designers work together from the beginning and converge their different expertise to create a user-centric strategy. We perform extensive research into both your business’s and your target market’s need to build an experience that is immersive and reflective of your brand identity. With custom code, our designers have the creative freedom to elevate the user experience to another level.

User Interface

At Romark Code, we believe the best user interface is the one that goes unnoticed. A user interface should emphasize the relationship between the product/service and the user while eliminating all other distractions. The best way we can create an effortless and simple interface is by understanding user behavior. Our designers are well experienced in all the nuances of user behavior. Understanding their goals, preferences, skills, and tendencies help us create a smooth user interface from the user’s first arrival on the site all the way to conversion.

The Benefits of integrating UI/UX Design

  • Increase customer acquisition and loyalty

  • Maximize revenue generation opportunities

  • Optimize resources, development time and costs

  • Get more insights from user engagement

  • Reduce troubleshooting and associated costs

Work Process


User Research

We work with you to build a profile for your users based on user behavior, motivations, and needs.



Our team collaborates to create a sitemap and wireframe that outlines a smooth user interface.


User Testing

We evaluate the website from the perspective of a user and look for any flaws that could disrupt their experience.


Metric Analysis

After your website is live, we look at the metrics and adapt the user interface to better represent the user behavior on your website.


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