Our Job Is Not Done When Your Website Is Live. It Is Only Just The Beginning.

We are in the digital revolution and technology is advancing at a rapid pace. If you fall behind your competitors, you're out. Your website should always be modern and in line with the current trends. An out of date website is unappealing to audiences. Even worse, a hacked website destroys any trust your customers had in your business.


The single greatest threat to any website, especially if it stores customer information, is a cyber-attack. A compromised website destroys any trust that was or will be put in your business. When that trust is lost, it’s hard to get back. Equifax is still recovering from their data breach in 2017. The best defense against cyber-attacks is a code that is regularly checked, updated, and buffed up. With our maintenance service, our developers will regularly strengthen your website against hackers and will be on call 24/7 to dehack (protect) your website if it ever gets compromised.

What We Offer

Our maintenance service fulfills all your website’s weekly and monthly needs. We examine the entire functionality of your website to ensure everything is up to date and performing at an optimal level. We are on call for any issue that may arise. Our services allow you to focus on what’s most important, your business. While you manage your business, we’ll manage your website.

Whether you have a custom made website or a website made using a web builder, our maintenance service can maximize your online marketing potential.

All the services we provide with maintenance

  • Debugging the source code

  • Testing of the entire website’s functionality

  • Checking for broken links

  • Backing up the website

  • Browser compatibility

  • Optimizing the loading speed

  • Reviewing security scans

  • Renewal of domain name

  • Renewal of SSL certificate

  • Improving SEO

  • Installing software updates or patches

  • Assessment of source code

Work Process



You tell us your expectations and we agree to a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance schedule.



Depending on your needs, we perform several tests on the functionality and performance of your website.



Any weaknesses or flaws that were found during testing are patched up.



We keep your website current by handling all of its routine needs like updating copyright information, renewing the domain name, checking backups, etc.


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